Are Your Virtual Interviews Giving Employers the Right Impression About You?

Today more interviews are being conducted virtually as Zoom rooms take the place of conference rooms. With virtual interviews becoming the norm, are you giving employers the right impression about you?

Here are six of the biggest mistakes made during a virtual interview and tips to avoid them to ensure employers get the right impression:

1. Struggling with the technology: “Candidates who can run video meetings without technical difficulty immediately set themselves apart,” says Kevin Fanning, talent acquisition manager of Notarize. Not being able to operate the computer or the meeting platform doesn’t give the best impression.

Tip: Test out all of your tech (audio settings, camera access and screen-sharing) early to avoid a glitch.

2. Being late: Without having to make the drive to an office, it is easy to think “it will just take me one minute to log on” and only leave yourself with one minute to get to a virtual meeting. But being late to a virtual meeting is the same as being late to a live interview, unacceptable and giving a poor first impression.

Tip: Treat the virtual interview like a live interview. Get logged onto the video app early and wait, just like you would in the office, until the interviewer is ready for you.

3. Not cleaning up for the interview: This is an interview and does require being fully dressed in business attire as if you were in a live interview. True, the interviewer may only see your top, yet if you have to get up for any reason, having sweatpants or yoga pants as your bottoms really doesn’t send the best impression. Also, having a dirty room or disorganized meeting space as your background does not send the right impression either.

Tip: Wear an interview outfit as if you were going into a live interview and clean up your interview space, removing any distracting items (i.e.: clothes, photos, people) from the environment before starting the interview.

4. Not present: It is so easy to think “the interviewer can’t see what is on my screen” and have multiple windows open on your computer screen to get other stuff done during down times. Or, if you live with others and a distracted by them during the interview, this doesn’t send a great message. This shows that your attention is divided and sends the impression that you are not really interested in the company.

Tip: Close out all windows on your computer except for the videoconferencing screen and close the door where you are taking the call. Also, talk with your roommates or family about the meeting beforehand and set yourself up to be uninterrupted during the interview.

5. Unrealistic salary expectations: Not doing your research on what type of salary to expect is a bad move. If you ask for something too low, that’s a red flag and if you ask for something too high, you could be out-pricing yourself from a job.

Tip: Tread lightly and sensitively when it comes to discussing compensation and a quick search for salaries in your field is easy with the use of a salary calculator.

6. Lacking enthusiasm
: On the computer screen it is a challenge to get across what body language does so naturally in person. Some candidates come across as stiff or lifeless during virtual interviews which comes off as unenthusiastic to the interviewer.

Tip: Express yourself during the interview, using hand gestures and body language when appropriate as if you were in person.

This article was written Danielle Beatty.

Danielle Beatty is a copy writing intern at Nexxt. She brings her experience of exploring for the right job to help job seekers in searching for their next opportunity. She enjoys coffee, music and writing whenever she gets the chance.

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