What REALLY Matters To Employers

What employers look for in the ideal employee may surprise you. This infographic shares the qualities an employer is looking for in the best candidate for the job, the ideal salary range they want to pay, and if appearance matters. Download the pdf.


  1. 51% of HR Pros said they will hire a skilled candidate that dress like a slob. There is a difference between dressing decently for work versus dress like a slob. Being smart does not mean their work will not be sloppy. I think these group of HR pros need to question their own thinking. I hope they are not leading people to the wrong decisions of their life.

  2. I’m really surprised how many interviewers don’t appear to have actually read your resume beforehand. They seem surprised by answers to questions that are are in the resume.

  3. I believe the contacts you make are 99% of getting a job regardless of your education or work experience. I’m a retired federal law enforcement agent with 30 yrs on the job and my contacts are weak and I have had minimal success in obtaining a retirement position in my field.

  4. What about the actual department managers that interview and hire. Unless the job is with HR, they aren’t the only opinion about who gets hired.

  5. I believe what is important to get a job is dependable willing to go extra step,and trying your hardest to succeed if you are taking on a new job

  6. I’m dependable,experienced and 73 . Had interviewed multiple times and did not get the jobs I believe because of my age. Employers want 18 year old with 30 years experience.This is what it always will be discrimination.

  7. Employers want a supine lightning-fast flatterer. This would be someone who won’t protest about abusive treatment (especially an unjust termination), and will never, EVER displease anyone who is willing to (even falsely) complain. The dirty truth is that they will bad-mouth you behind your back (which is often WRONG) if they don’t like you. I have submitted over 50 resumes for which I am often approximately or very qualified for and by far the most common response is “deafening silence.” I have also received a number of interviews that were never confirmed.

  8. Personally the only thing I agree with it the employer places far too much responsibility on your degree.
    As a materials analyst with documented exceptional performance, very well dressed, professional and well spoken I continue to get turned down. I’ve worked with so many grads with masters degrees who could not plan their way out of a wet paper bag.
    I’m an extremely attractive transgender woman who is older and it foils my opportunity every time. There is a plethora of discrimination out there whether they are willing to admit it or not. I’ve listened to these so called highly de greed individuals and when they speak you would think they graduated from the 4th grade.

  9. Age discrimination is rampant. But I have found past employers who know your capabilities are sometimes willing to bring you back (if your performance was acceptable) at a higher salary.

  10. I was just recently laid off and trying to find a job at age 65 is a joke. Age discrimination is everywhere. I applied for hundreds of jobs that I have the experience for and all I hear are crickets! I ran rings around the ‘younger’ folks on my previous teams, but I guess good work ethic does not mean anything anymore.
    Having a degree is nice, but you have to know how to use it. I have hired many people with degrees that were useless, but bringing in someone willing to learn and do the hard work pays out in the long run. I am living proof of that!

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