Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Join A Talent Community

With the current state of the world, now is a great time to join a talent community. By being in a talent community, job seekers can expect to learn what an organization is about and better understand what working there would look like.

Yes, applying to a job is also a way to experience what a company is all about. But, let’s face it—that path doesn’t always include a follow-up on your application much less a personal connection. By joining a talent community, the opportunity to build and develop a relationship with the organization and those in it grow exponentially.

Here are just some reasons why now is the ideal time to join a talent community:

1. Faster Hiring Process: Organizations like to hire efficiently. Generally, a quick hiring process stems from hiring someone already within the organization or from an employee referral. But talent communities allow companies to see who outside their company is already interested in their organization. By being an active member of a talent community, you are alerted when new jobs are posted and because you’ve already submitted your information when you joined, you have an advantage amongst the competition. The company, knows who you are, what positions you’re interested in, and that you know what the company stands for. The organization has already done the legwork of sourcing candidates to apply to their jobs by engaging with their talent community, so as a candidate, you’re already in their talent pipeline, on their radar, and have expressed interest in their brand, thus shortening the time to hire (despite not already working there or personally knowing someone who does).

2. Job Seekers Discover Interests and Opportunities: Joining a talent community allows you to connect and network with the organization on a different level. Forbes reports that nearly 80% of positions never get posted. Instead they stay in this ‘hidden’ job market, a.k.a. talent communities. Joining these communities lets you explore what’s really available in the job market.

3. Job Market Instability: The UN reports that nearly 195 million jobs worldwide may be lost due to the coronavirus. Joining a talent community gives you opportunities to learn how companies may be adapting to these changing times and what potential jobs may be available in response.

4. Finding Your Dream Job: Dream jobs don’t always come knocking on the door. Sometimes it comes from staying connected with others to see that dream become a reality. Joining a talent communities allows you to keep an eye open for that dream job. Even if you’re gainfully employed and just seeing if there’s something amazing out there, a talent community is the way to go. In fact, 54% of job seekers in a recent Nexxt survey said they’re a member of a talent community, despite not actively searching for a job.

With the current economy, joining a talent community provides the opportunity to connect, grow and develop relationships with organizations that interest you. Companies might not have an immediate hiring need, but when they’re ready to expand their team, you’ll be in the know.

This article was written Danielle Beatty.

Danielle Beatty is a copy writing intern at Nexxt. She brings her experience of exploring for the right job to help job seekers in searching for their next opportunity. She enjoys coffee, music and writing whenever she gets the chance.

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