Can You Still Search for Jobs and Get Hired at The Moment?

Getting hired right now, may seem daunting. The last time a pandemic occurred was in 1912 and there weren’t detailed records kept about how the economy bounced right back, let alone a manual written on how to get hired after a pandemic.

Yet, several companies are hiring right now. Navigating these changing tides means adapting, like being ready for online interviews, longer waiting times and focusing on the things you can control.

As for the question of, “Can you get hired right now?” the answer is yes. Companies are continuing to hire and rehire as the nation opens back up again. Just take a look at Disney who furloughed employees and now is projected to open on July 11th with employees back on board, safe and healthy. With the national re-opening a decrease in unemployment numbers occurred, down to 13 percent from the 17 percent immediately following the pandemic.

You may feel ready to work. Guess what, companies feel ready to have you come work. You still have the capacity to do the job and companies adapt to tailor the job responsibility and description to meet these changing times, including ensuring employee safety and health.

Those are only some of the changes that occurred. The government stepped in during this crisis, helping keep businesses afloat, and still plans to assist during this transition. There is also a predicted rise in a contact-free economy, with a rise in telemedicine, digital commerce and automation. Companies are faced with re-thinking business models entirely, looking to the future with innovation and pliancy to transform their companies in this dynamic world.

What does this mean for you? Getting hired right now is reality. It may require flexibility, with time and growing new skills. This is a great time to invest in a class, book or training session to develop new skill sets that only set you apart as a candidate. It may mean taking some lifestyle changes, like working from home permanently. Facing the future requires reconstructing what was to create what will be.

On the practical side of, “How do I get a job right now?” focus on the reality that companies may take a little longer but still practice what helped you land jobs in the past.

1. Following up: It’s still okay to follow up on your application. Wait about one week before making contact as a general rule of thumb. If you don’t hear back from the company after following up, it’s safe to move onto the next lead.

2. Interview prep: Prepare like you normally would for an interview (even if the interview is virtual), such as coming up with examples from past experience. Additionally, ask yourself “what skills did I develop during the pandemic that I can take into this next job?” Did you take a class? Did you learn time management skills? Spend time reflecting on this experience and applying it to the workforce.

3. Keep an eye on the horizon: Keep your eyes out for new opportunities by continuing to search for jobs as well as talking with friends, family and past co-workers about your job hunt. Staying focused on what is out there keeps fueling the fire to move forward.

Stepping back into work may provide challenges, especially during the changing economy. There are companies hiring out there right now. The process may look different than before, but you can do this.

This article was written Danielle Beatty.

Danielle Beatty is a copy writing intern at Nexxt. She brings her experience of exploring for the right job to help job seekers in searching for their next opportunity. She enjoys coffee, music and writing whenever she gets the chance.

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