10 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

2019 is already well on its way and new work opportunities are cropping up every day. Since 2009, our world has changed quite a lot, and that includes jobs. Here are 10 careers that didn’t even exist a decade ago:

1. App developer:
A huge and booming career path today, app developers were pretty much unheard of in 2009. Apple launched its app store in the Summer of 2008, and apps were… lacking. Nowadays, you want to order a loaf of bread?  There’s an app for that. Want to count calories or log workouts?  There’s an app for that. Want to video yourself lip syncing a song? For some reason, there’s an app for that. All these different apps had people developing them, and those people often make quite a bit of money for their tech savvy.

2. App based driver:
Speaking of apps, some of the most popular are Uber and Lyft, in which a person uses their app to hail a ride. This obviously means that someone is coming to pick them up, and that someone is a driver. Not to mention there are more of these apps than ever and people like to use different ones to find the cheapest, safest, or fastest option so it can be a lucrative side gig.

3. Social Media Manager:
Social media is now such a player in business and marketing that it’s difficult to remember there was ever a time it wasn’t. But back in 2009, nobody was getting ready for a big hashtag rollout. This job combines old school sales techniques with up-to-date trends that reach more consumers than ever.

4. Podcaster:
Podcasts are EVERYTHING right now. Ranging from true crime to sports to current events to TV, there’s a podcast for any interested listener. Although talk radio has been around for decades, podcasts began booming in recent years and someone is behind them. From hosts, to sound mixing, to producing, there are even jobs that connect advertisers to podcasts.

5. SEO Specialist:
Search Engine Optimization is a specialization that has grown in recent years. This job essentially means understanding algorithms online to make your client’s page or ad pop up higher than other search engine results. This job came around quickly and is already becoming automated by artificial intelligence, so get in before those robots do!

6. AI Engineer:
And in the vein of artificial intelligence, there are people whose job it is to create it. Those folks are Artificial Intelligence Engineers and they specialize in creation of the algorithms that design and produce all of our handy AI gadgets. To sum it up, there was a great exchange in the movie ‘The Graduate’ where Dustin Hoffman’s character is told that there was a great future in plastics, well in 2019 replace plastics with algorithms.

7. Influencer:
Combining Youtuber, vlogger, blogger, and Instagram model into one and we have influencers. Their job is to create social media content that allows for a lot of traffic to their pages, where they then sell or advertise products for sponsors. These jobs weren’t around until recently, but are exceptionally lucrative when done correctly, when done incorrectly you have The Fyre Festival.

8. UX Design Expert:
User Experience Design Experts are folks who specialize in solving problems ahead of time so that users are able to easily use their products. This is heavily involved in technology as it is used in website and software design.

9. Cloud Computing Specialist:
This job lines up with, you guessed it, the cloud. Everything is stored on the cloud now and companies will hire a Cloud Computing Specialist to navigate exactly what that means, the best way to store their information, and the easiest ways to access it in a timely manner.

10. Data Miner:
A data miner is someone who looks at a company’s data using analytical software and finds business savvy solutions based on what they learn. They try to figure out what the data means and implement a way to use the data to solve any issues and grow the business.

So, basically what we can see is that new specializations are cropping up all the time, and all of these have to do with technology. And as tech changes, so will jobs. Learn a new skill and you never know how marketable you could become. Just you wait and see what new, and often lengthy, job titles will become the norm in 2029.

This post was written by Carly Naaktgeboren.


  1. Jobs 1,6,8,and 10 have *all* existed for more than ten years. Anyone who says differently is just pain wrong. Also job 9, which I believe is your cloud developer, technically also existed, but it is just different enough to allow it to receive new status. That is half of these.

  2. I would put every one of these on a list of pre-existing jobs. They are all variations of old jobs spun to seem like something new.

  3. App developer = programmer, been around for half a century
    Podcasts = talkshow host, been around for half a century or more
    AI Engineer= Ummm, Alan Turing, Google him
    SEO Specialists have been around since the late 90’s early 2000’s
    Influencer = Celebrity, been around the better part of a century
    Data Miner = Market analyis, we’ve been doing it for decades.
    Now, one you left off is your job: Click Bait writer.

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