Social Media – Spreading Like Wild Fire(d)

Man holding his face, while looking down at his phone.

Social media has had a big year this year as far as firing goes. From the President firing people via Twitter, to celebrities being fired because of what they tweeted – this year should act as your PSA to watch what you put online.

I’m not saying you’ll wake up one day decide to tweet racial slurs, like Rosanne. But, the concept is similar. There have been instances where employees were fired for posting inappropriate or unforgivable things. And, even though you’re a morally sound person who would never say such things, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Anything you post on social media is up for judgement, and you better believe your future employer is checking out your profile. If your posts are raunchy, vulgar, or inappropriate, you face the possibility of getting passed over for the job.  Our Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Weinlick, talked about this possibility last week with U.S. News & World Report (slide 8).

Moral of the story? Think before you post. Will it make Grandma cringe? Do you want your boss seeing that? If you even have to hesitate before answering, then it probably doesn’t belong online. They say a diamond is forever, but it’s the internet that’s truly permanent.

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