3 Reasons Why You Hate Updating Your Resume

Often times I talk to job seekers who mention that one of the things they hate doing most when searching for a job is updating their resume. In fact, one of these fine people once told me that they’d rather get a root canal. So why do we hate it so much and how can we make it less painful?

It’s Not Polite to Brag.

We’re told from a young age not to be a braggart. Being humble is a much more appealing quality than being arrogant, but every so often we need to shove those feelings deep inside and become a narcissist…and when you write your resume…this is one of those times. If you have a hard time doing this, I like to think of the biggest egomaniac I went to high school with and channel their confidence as I update my resume.

All the Stuff.
Yes, we get it…keeping track of all of the things you do over the course of a job or even a week is hard. But if you start making a list and add major accomplishments to it each month (sometimes you won’t have anything to add and that’s okay), you’ll be able to update your resume in no time.

Different Strokes for Different Folks.
The format and look of your resume could be wrong…or right. No one knows! Picking the right resume format can be stressful and hinder the starting process. And you know…it shouldn’t be. The look of your resume is totally subjective. What you like, will be totally different from what your coworker likes and that’s okay. It’s simply a personal preference. Just make sure you pick the look that the recruiter likes. No, we’re just kidding…pick what you think looks best and does a great job of highlighting all those keywords that will get you hired.

So when you break it down, these three intimidating factors aren’t so intimidating after all and updating your resume should be a piece of cake.

Are you an anomaly and enjoy updating your resume? Tell us why in the comments below.


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