Common Myths to Avoid on Your Resume in 2016

As we count down the days left in 2015, it’s time to review some common myths and previously accepted norms of resume writing that no longer apply.  We have created a graphic below that articulates these myths and what you should do in 2016 instead.  Your resume is the first impression that a recruiter or employer will have about you as a potential employee, so it is very important that you don’t fall victim to these habits.  To see how your resume grades with the standards of 2016, please submit your resume for a complimentary resume critique. We are happy to help!

Fact vs. Fiction resume writing


  1. As a hiring manager of a small company with an ever-changing workforce, I found that one-page summaries are the best. If you can get to the point in your first line, and make everything after that support your point, you’ve got an interview. Beyond that, if I have to go through two hundred résumés to find one that is clear and concise, I just start scheduling the ones that are spelled correctly, just to see who shows up on time for their interview. Then, I pick the best one of those. You want to catch someone’s eye, do it in one page, if I have to turn two hundred résumés over, I will have lost every ounce of productivity I hoped to gain from that new employee in advance. I find that an objective is still useful, as it tells prospective employers what to ask about in interviews, and what jobs I don’t want (so don’t call me).

  2. I have 23 years of experience with numerous positions in 2 organizations. A 1 or 2 page resume was leaving years of skills on the table. My career coach worked with me to create a new resume that is nearly 4 pages. That has been so well received by companies. To limit someone to 1 or 2 pages will not paint an accurate picture if they have extensive experience. Thank you for a great article. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. Hi, Writing a resume, to highlight education or employment related experience always takes care especially when dealing with real life experiences. Life is not a fairy tale where getting the right education, employment experiences etc. is always possible. Thanks, Donna Levenson

  4. Hi, I’m a certified master resume writer and have consulted on recruiting. Some of the above content and comments are true and some are not. If you’d like to talk about your resume, I’m available at yahoo as soozyg

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