Millennials Seek Careers that Match Their Personal Values

milMillennials sitting on a park bench with their technology
[Excerpted from Social-Hire]

Millennials are next in line to be our leaders and they are beginning to step up to the plate and claim their roles.

A recent survey by Nexxt shows that 74 percent of Millennials want to be in executive leadership roles. With a smaller pool of Generation X candidates and more Baby Boomers retiring, Millennials are poised to move up the ladder.

So what are Millennials looking for in a career?

Millennials are perceived as ambitious, hard workers, but they lack job loyalty.  They do not reject the corporate world, but they will seek other options, such as starting their own company, if they can’t find workplaces that accommodate their own values. Millennials are confident in their abilities, striving for career success and will not tolerate unpleasant workplaces that do not allow them to be their authentic selves. On the flip side, they are dedicated to those companies that allow them to stay true to their own values.

Finding the right career to match your personal style

It’s true that Millennials are motivated by careers that make a positive difference in the world and keep them inspired.It has become less about compensation and more about their purpose in the company.

Here’s what to look out for when interviewing with a company

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