More People Say They’d Work on Thanksgiving. Are You One of Them?

56% of workers say they’d work on Thanksgiving, but when we asked the same question last year, only 48% of workers said they were willing to work and that Thanksgiving is a day to be spent with family. So what’s changed?

Have we simply accepted that working on Thanksgiving is okay? 60% of those surveyed said that being open on the holiday is a necessary part of doing business, that’s almost 10% more than last year.

So what do you think? Do you think working on Thanksgiving is now something that’s part of the status quo or should the day be spent with family and friends giving thanks? Let us know what you think!

Image source: Friends TV Show – Warner Bros


  1. Businesses should absolutely be closed on Thanksgiving day. Only those people who have jobs that are needed should have to work, and by choosing those professions they knew they were signing onto a 24/7, 365 day a week job.
    Thanksgiving is the ONLY holiday in America that regardless of race, religion, background, sexual orientation, etc… that can be celebrated by all of us… one common holiday in which we can celebrate the family and friends and give thanks to God (or whatever higher power you may believe in).
    Consumerism should not direct whether this one day a year set aside to give thanks should be set aside for ‘sales’… just Say No to Shopping on Thanksgiving!

  2. I ALWAYS work on Thanksgiving, instead of single handedly preparing two turkeys, a ham, two types of stuffing and 20 pies I would relish the thought of going to the office!

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