In a Work Rut? 5 Signs It’s Time to Go Back to School

Man with post-it notes that have drawn on eyes placed over his eyesWhile the school of the hard knocks may have a spot in the hearts of all who go through it, oftentimes a formal degree holds the ability to do wonders for a person’s career, growth and perspective. For anyone who is in the work force and is hitting a dead-end, higher educational pursuits may be a great idea to seriously consider.

1. Nothing to Contribute
When it is time for staff meetings, are you often the quietest one in the meeting? If you’re left feeling as if the conversation is going completely in one ear and out the other, there could be a lack of insight on the actual topic. While reading books, journal articles and current news may help, entering an educational program can certainly be a confidence and career booster. After all, the person in the board room with nothing to say is usually dead-weight. No one wants to employ dead weight

2. Clueless About Career Field
Sometimes, people rely on friends and/or family in high places for employment. It isn’t uncommon for dad to do his little girl a favor upon college graduation and give her a job at his firm. However, if the field has nothing to do with any current knowledge the employee has, it might be time to prove rights to the job by becoming well-versed in the field through more education. Getting higher education may sound like too much extra work that will take too long. Thankfully, there are tons of programs that offer coursework in less than two years. In addition, many programs such as a master’s in electrical engineering from Ohio University are completely online!

3. More Experienced Colleagues
It is truly humbling to be the weakest link in the bunch. Most people reference the horrible feeling of getting picked last to play on the dodge-ball team. If everyone else in the workplace is holding their own and making tremendous contributions to the company, going back to school can help rectify a work rut and get the creativity flowing for more productivity and meaningful contributions.

4. Career Advancement
For people who aren’t in a career that they’re passionate about or can’t really see themselves staying in long term, it probably wouldn’t be wise to invest time or money into higher education in that specific field. However, for those who really would like to experience better opportunities, education is a great investment.

5. Passionate About the Work
There are many people who are in careers they’re passionate about. They want to gain a voracious amount of knowledge about ways they can experience breakthroughs and deeper insights in their field of choice. For those who are passionate about the work yet stuck in a rut, more education may be just the right choice.

While money, time and circumstances may play a great deal in the decision to go back to school, the dividends are often priceless. Consider an educational investment for the growth, development and longevity of a professional career path.

This guest post was written by Anica Oaks. Anica is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.

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