Go Ahead…Fail A Little: Employers Actually Like That Sort of Thing

Tommy Boy Why I Suck As a Sales PersonOne of the hardest interview questions according to job seekers is “Tell me about a time you failed.” While job candidates see it as the hardest interview question, recruiters view it as the most important question they ask.

We get why the question is insightful for recruiters (now if only job seekers were actually good at answering it, that’s according to recruiters). Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret…employers love candidates that can embrace failure—this whole act that we’re all perfect and never make mistakes is crap, so let’s all stop saying that our biggest weakness is that “I’m a perfectionist.” And start taking risks, grow in our careers, make mistakes, learn, change direction and be confident. Because that’s what employers want.   

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  1. So how do you answer that question correctly you answer how you made a mistake and corrected it is that what they really want to hear?

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