3 Subtle Things That Successful Job Seekers Do

At Nexxt, we recently conducted a survey in order to better understand what makes some job seekers successful (defined as candidates that have received at least one job offer in the last six months) and what makes others not.

When we analyzed the data we were hoping that there would be overtly obvious differences in the things that successful and unsuccessful job seekers do, but in actuality we found that all job seekers are basically doing the same things. There are however, three subtle things that are making all the difference.

Luckily these three things are pretty easy to implement:

  1. Time management: When successful candidates see a job they like, they apply for it. And that makes them 7% more likely to land the job. Rather than wasting time on opportunities that aren’t promising, they focus on ones that are.
  2. Resume Customization: Those who customize their resume to the job they’re applying for are 10% more likely to get the job than those who didn’t.
  3. Research: Successful job seekers are also 7% more likely to research companies before applying, further demonstrating their attention to detail and willingness to reinforce how their experience is applicable to the positions they apply for.

At Nexxt, we talk to job seekers everyday and we’re always dispensing advice on how to standout, but standing out doesn’t necessarily mean that a grand gesture needs to be made—it’s clearly the little things that can make all the difference.

Image Source: LifeHack.org

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