This App Will Make Sure Interviewers Know Your Name

A few months ago we wrote a post called “The Best Way to Have the Interviewer Get Your Name Right” that included some easy tips to ensure the interviewer pronounced your name correctly. But now there’s an App for that (because there’s an app for everything). Namez is a an app that keeps a database of name pronunciations that can help potential employers get your name right.

So how does it work?

Namez has a database of often mispronounced names that you can search through or add to if your name or specific pronunciation isn’t available. You can then share the audio of your name via social media, emails, or embed it into your website/blog. So if you’re emailing with a recruiter or employer, you can include the audio pronunciation so when you arrive at the interview you will be confident that they will get your name right.


  1. My thoughts is that an interviewer might not even contact you if your name is too difficult and/of identifies you as someone they may not want to hire.
    Use a middle name and/or a name that better reflects what an interviewer might be more confortable with. ex, instead of shatika use shay.

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