5 Summer Job Search Tips

Many experts would point out that summer is not the busiest time of the year for employers looking to fill open positions.  Employees take long vacations, productivity from staff slows, and many job seekers may take a break citing a lack of confidence in creating meaningful impressions with employers.  However, succumbing to these traditional assumptions is a big mistake! There are plenty of things you can do as a job seeker to generate new opportunities.  Here are five tips to help give your job search a boost this summer:

  1. Develop a Strategy:  Scheduling time for your job search is especially difficult over the summer when more enjoyable activities are available to you.  It’s important that you give yourself a little bit of time each day to searching online.  Look for career fairs or alumni events to attend as well.
  2. Lean on Your Network:  The old adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” may not be entirely true, but it is helpful when searching for a job.  Reach out to old coworkers and friends with your resume and see if they can point you in the right direction for an open position you may not know about.  Many times individuals get referral bonuses if their referral gets hired so both of you will be incentivized to boost your search!
  3. Use Summer Activities to your Advantage:  You may think there is nothing to be gained career wise by attending a summer neighborhood barbeque or friend’s wedding, but these gatherings are a great time to put out the word that you’re searching for a job.  Whether it is with old acquaintances or new individuals, see what opportunities may be available after casually indicating you’re actively seeking employment.
  4. Audit Your Resume and Online Presence:   Spend some time to thoroughly review your resume and make sure your content, structure, and keywords are up to date.  You can generate more exposure by updating your online presence with your Nexxt Portfolio or Linkedin Profile.  If you feel overwhelmed, consider using a professional resume writing service to assist you.
  5. Stay Positive:  Having the right attitude and understanding it may take some extra time to reach the right individuals over the summer is half the battle.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back from an opportunity right away.  Perhaps the hiring manager is on vacation or the office manager in charge of compiling resumes is out.  You’re still better off being proactive than waiting until the summer is over to start or continue your job search.

Don’t wait until September to ramp up your job search.  Use the tips above to get a head start on your competitors and hopefully make a lasting impression with employers!


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