4 Steps to Listing Promotions on Your Resume

If you are one of the many loyal employees who have held multiple positions while working for the same company for years, you may be wondering how to illustrate this on your resume.  It is quite common to make mistakes in the presentation of this information which can ultimately hinder your chances in your job search.  Here are a few points to consider as you craft your resume with this in mind:

  1. The first thing to remember is that it is important to call attention to any promotion or upward movement within a company.  Create excitement about your time at the company with accomplishment focused language.  It will be a very positive first impression to showcase a promotion.
  2. Start by listing the company name and the most recent position you held there along with the dates of that specific position.  Use 3 to 6 bullet points to describe your major impacts in this role along with any accomplishments. 
  3. Next, tab down a space and create a new header with the position title and dates of your second most recent role within that same company.  Since it is the same company, you do not need to put the company name again.  Just make sure your formatting is consistent and you again use 3 to 6 bullets to describe your duties and accomplishments.
  4. Repeat this process until you have listed all of the relevant positions with their corresponding dates.  Remember that employers are more interested in your most recent, relevant positions so don’t use precious space on your resume for positions from over 20-25 years ago.

By presenting your promotions and upward movement in a clear and concise way, you will help yourself get noticed by prospective employers seeking the right candidate. 

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  1. This was good advice. I write narrative pose. As if I’m having a conversation with HR. Bullets seem imparial, but can see where it would lighten the load on space.
    What, again your articles are not addressing are real issues unemployement is facing. As you should be aware that most organizations offer their existing employees bonus and gift cards for personal referrals for employment. Most of these job listings are no more than a smoke screen to satisfy Employment law requirements,” placing an ad in the newspaper”, when they have already hired a friend or family member. So, when you receive that generic denial letter that so rudely reads”you’re not quaified”
    Thank that friend of a friend of a sisters cousin brothers girlfriend.

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