“Any Job” Does Not Exist

Type “Any Job” into Google. Look at the related searches: “any job openings,” “any job available,” “how to get any job,” “any job that is hiring right now.” The list goes on. A lot of people just need a job. Maybe you are one of them.

The challenge? Employers don’t want to hire “anybody.” They want to hire someone with the ability and desire to do their job. So, even if you desperately need a job, any job, stay more focused. Create a short-list of jobs that you are qualified for or could do well, and search for those jobs. Create a version of your resume tailored to each type of job. And, when you apply, don’t tell the employer that you need a job. Tell them how you will contribute if they hire you. Show them that you don’t want any job, you want their job, and soon you’ll have them evaluating you, and not any employee.

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