Do You Need a New Job or Do You Need to Change Your Career?

“Frightened of change? But what can exist without it?” – Marcus Aurelius

If you’re feeling dissatisfied in your current job, it may be time for a change. Most of us experience this at some point or other. But how big of a change are you looking for? It may be time for a new position, or it may be time for an entirely new career. Before making this decision, it’s important to analyze your situation, and to take the time to think things through. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you find yourself in this position:

The first thing to consider is why. Why are you looking for a change? The answer to this question is crucial in understanding what your next course of action should be. If you feel as though there’s no room for growth in your current position, you’re tired of your boss, or you no longer align with the values of your employer, a career change might not be the best solution. Consider a lateral move instead. Look for similar positions at different companies or organizations, or even a new position for your current employer. If you feel as though you’re no longer passionate about your work, you’re burnt out, and there is simply no room to grow, it may be time to switch careers. This will provide you with new challenges and room to grow.

Another important question to ask yourself is “am I ready for this change? Can my skills transfer to a different career?” If the answer is no, it might be best to keep your current position while you develop other skills. Please, no leaps of faith here! However, if you do feel as though you’re ready both mentally and in terms of skills, then fire away. Security is key when making a decision like this, so as long as you’re not jeopardizing your livelihood, make Marcus Aurelius proud and accept change.

One final thing to note before making this decision is: will you be happy in your new career? If you’re frustrated with your current position, employer, or even your coworkers, it can be easy to call it quits and look for something new. But will the benefits outweigh the drawbacks? Changing your career is a huge step, and without due consideration, it may be a step in the wrong direction. There’s the chance you’ll dislike your new career, and you may have to start from the bottom and work your way back up. Consider the previous questions. Maybe there are smaller problems that need to be addressed in order to ease your frustration, or maybe there aren’t. Just take the time to think about every aspect of this decision. We’re not here to sway you one way or another, we just want to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice. At the end of the day, only you know what is best for your career.

This article was written by Cameron Ballard.
Cameron Ballard is a student at Seton Hall University and Vice President of the English Honors Society. He has always had a passion for reading and writing, especially poetry. Beyond this, you can usually find him fishing or hiking in his home state of New Jersey. 

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