Who Is Hiring Now?

With layoffs and budget cuts in the news, it might surprise you to learn that many companies are currently hiring. No matter when you are searching for a new job, there will always be roadblocks and challenges to overcome, so in any climate, it’s important to focus on what options are available.

Whether you are in tech, marketing, teaching, or healthcare, there are several openings waiting to be filled. While there are still some remote job openings, with many employers returning to the office, it might help to increase your search parameters and be flexible with working preferences.

Here are some companies that are currently hiring for both on-site and remote positions:

With positions across the country and remote options available for some roles, Delta has a range of listed openings on their hiring site. This company of more than 90,000 employees offers unique benefits like travel perks.

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for an internship or you come from a customer service background, Paypal wants to “ensure that every person can participate in the global economy”.

You don’t need a pharmaceutical background to apply for CVS’ many different openings. From information technology to customer care and distribution, consider browsing CVS’ career page for a role that fits your needs.

United Healthcare Group:
United Healthcare Group, with headquarters in Minnesota, is a global healthcare network. Check out their Career Events page for information about hiring events, both in person and online.

With over 669 open roles in North America, IBM’s site helpfully lists the number of open jobs they have in each sector. For instance, they have 188 available positions in Consulting and 113 openings in Infrastructure and Technology. IBM also hosts apprenticeships, which provide a pathway into tech for those with less traditional tech backgrounds.

As you continue your job search, it’s great to keep up-to-date on which companies are hiring and to identify companies that are hosting hiring events and meet-ups. Identifying brands and institutions that are advertising several positions may save you time in the long run and help you efficiently apply to available roles, rather than spend time applying to companies that may not be hiring at the moment.

This article was written by Rachel Ludwig.
Rachel Ludwig is an editor and writer based in Brooklyn. Samples of her work can be found at raludwig.com.  

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