3 Reasons Why Recruiters Aren’t Seeing Your Job Application

If you have been on the hunt for new employment for a while now, then you’ve probably submitted several applications. And sometimes waiting to hear back from recruiters may take longer than you expected. But don’t be dismayed, here are 3 legitimate reasons why recruiters may not be seeing or receiving your application.

1. There was an overwhelming amount of applications. Some job postings receive dozens, sometimes even hundreds of applications. Depending on the platform you use to apply, you may be able to see how many applicants applied to a role. If the recruiter has a deadline that they must meet to review applicants for the role, then every application may not be seen due to the influx of applications. To streamline the review process many companies use an applicant tracking system to screen and filter out applications that may not meet certain qualifications for the role. This makes the review process less overwhelming and much quicker for the recruiter. If you’re applying for a job that is likely to receive an overwhelming number of applications, it would benefit you to use specific keywords and phrases that would tailor your application towards that role to give your application higher visibility in the screening process. Always follow-up with the recruiter directly via email with your resume, cover letter, and other supporting documents attached, just in case they didn’t see your application from the application portal.

2. You missed the deadline to apply. Job postings usually have a deadline to apply, however sometimes that deadline may not be listed with the posting. It’s also possible that although the job posting hasn’t been removed yet, the position may have already been filled. If recruiters have already selected the candidates they are going to review for the role then it could be possible that the job posting has expired and the posting just hasn’t been removed yet. Hiring managers typically have a date they would like to have the role filled by so if you’re unsure of the deadline to apply, start by using the original date the job posting was published as a reference point. If the job posting has been live for more than 90 days, then it would be helpful to contact the recruiter directly to find out if the position is still open.

3. The application was incomplete. Some job postings have specific instructions for applicants to follow due to specific qualifications that are required for the role. For example, an application may not make it to a recruiter’s desk if the application is missing certain materials or documents that were requested in the job posting. If an application is submitted through an automated job portal then it may be flagged as incomplete if certain tasks or supplemental documents aren’t submitted. Be sure to read the job posting carefully so that your application is complete. On the other hand, some job postings require competency screenings in order for the application to be reviewed. It is important to check your email and spam folders for communications from job portals requesting you to complete assessments and other screenings. Most job portals will send you an automated confirmation message telling you that that your application is complete. If the application is not complete, you should receive follow-up emails requesting you to finalize your application so that it can be reviewed.

Job searching can seem like a never-ending journey, especially when you’re waiting to hear back from recruiters. But understanding the application process from a recruiter’s perspective can help you to make sure that you check off all your boxes so that a recruiter’s eyes actually see your application.

This article was written by Infini Kimbrough
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