Use Consistent Keywords to Strengthen Your Brand in Your Resume and Social Profiles

Looking for an easy way to build your brand? A quick tweak on your resume and social media profiles can open the door for more opportunities. This strategy helps you connect with people that NEED someone like you. Here is a list of why you need to use consistent keywords to strengthen your brand in 2022.

1. Consistent keywords help your target audience find YOU

Nexxt has more than 100 million job seeker members. The average corporate job posting has 250 applications. It’s hard to stand out when you have to deal with so much competition.

But the easiest way to stand out here is by identifying a specific skill that you’d like to be an expert on. For example, if you’re a career coach, think what impact your role has. You coach students on gaining careers in a particular industry. You connect talent with opportunities to build generational wealth. You could also say that you connect [niche] companies to diverse talent. You can use these phrases in a social media header or within your resume.

Using targeted language helps people find a solution for their problem. Their solution is that they need talent that displays certain skills and responsibilities. Rather than just give a vague title, you showed them what you do with language that helps them imagine!

2. Consistent keywords help with content curation

Consistent keywords can also help with content curation. Using the same words will help you narrow topics to talk about. Use this to your advantage. Select an ongoing topic you’re comfortable talking about. Don’t comment just to comment, but add something insightful. This insight could be a tactic or tip for people experiencing a certain situation. Or you could post a success story from your network. The point here is that you offer your own unique perspective and story that people would love to hear about!

The added benefit to sharing your stories is you build a relationship with your audience. Developing this relationship can lead to people recognizing you and your brand.

3. Consistent keywords jumpstart your interview efforts

The benefit of consistent keywords is being considered for job opportunities without interviewing! A recruiter wants to 1.) Find qualified candidates for roles and 2.) Have confirmation said candidate can do the job. This is where you can leverage your online presence. You can use your website or social media profiles to show highlights from your work. Some things to include can be media spots, testimonials, awards, or blog posts. By including this content, you show mastery at your field and provide references. Employers will feel confident in offering you a job opportunity or partnership. In some cases, you won’t even need to submit an application! This is because your online presence offers key insight into your work ethic and vision. You don’t need to be a marketing pro to build your brand. All you need is consistent messaging that brings value to readers. Deliver that value via breaking news, insightful info, or an appealing offer. Once you hold your audience’s attention, you could open doors that you never knew existed.

This article was written by Jeremy Razo.
Jeremy Razo is a writer and workforce development trainer in Chicago.  He enjoys traveling to new locations and talking White Sox baseball. Connect with at

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