When Asked in the Interview “What Can You Bring to the Company?” Here’s What You Should Say

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“What can you bring to the company?” Questions like these can make us feel like a deer in headlights if we’re not prepared. This is one of the most common interview questions, yet most people have trouble answering it. The most important thing to note is that the answer to this question is you, but how you highlight your skills is what makes you stand out.

1. Study the job description
Job descriptions have all the answers you need. Focus on the section that lists the requirements and daily activities for that job. List at least three things you have experience in to reference in your interview. It’s easy to spot which ones you can reference, since they’re typically adjectives. If the job application says they seek an enthusiastic individual, use those adjectives while you list your skill set.

2. Express your enthusiasm
Express how excited you are to join the team. With prior research of the company, you can choose a project they’ll be working on and mention how excited you would be if you became a part of it. If that isn’t an option, simply expressing your enthusiasm for the profession is a good first impression. It lets the interviewer know that you are passionate for the position and the company.

3. No underselling or oversellingjust you
Most people either answer this question with, “Well, I can offer just me,” or “Because I’m the best candidate you’ll interview for this position.” While it’s important to have confidence and not be self-deprecating, there is a perfect balance for this question. You want to make sure you are highlighting your strengths so the interviewer knows you’re someone with good self-awareness but won’t exaggerate them. You should demonstrate that you are a good match for the company, yet you still have the desire to learn and grow, and you would like to do so with the company.

4. Be a problem solver
Much like tip number one, this involves studying the job description. Most job descriptions will have a section that describes what they’re looking for. With that blurb in mind, you can connect those issues with the experience you already have. So, when they ask you what you can bring to the company, you can directly solve one of the problems they’ve listed.  It might sound something like, “I know you are looking for someone to redo your marketing campaign to make it more authentic. At my previous job I worked with the marketing department to make sure all the material going out had the company’s voice in mind.” This is also a perfect opportunity to send them your old campaigns to further prove your skill set!

The easiest answer to this question is to be authentically you. By adding these tips, you’ll be able to craft the perfect answer.

This article was written by Mariana Toledo.
Mariana Toledo is a recent graduate and obtained their degree in Communications. They also have a passion for anything public relations and social media related.

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