This Is the Greatest Asset You Can Offer A Potential Future Boss

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A stacked resume and years of experience are always appreciated from a candidate, but did you know that the greatest assets that you can bring to the table could be from your set of soft skills?

Below are some of the greatest assets you can offer a potential future boss.

Being Adaptable

Policies and procedures are constantly changing and a future employer needs employee that can easily adapt to changes. Employees that are eager to acclimate to changes enable the team to move forward and progress. This allows more time to be allocated toward other pressing items, versus spending time trying to convince the team to accept and adapt. Being an adaptable employee is vital in a workforce that is constantly evolving because you can focus on how to improve the upcoming changes instead of fighting what is inevitable.

Positive Attitude

The workplace can be stressful at times. Are you an employee that shuts down at the first sign of pressure or are you able to persevere and push through? Having a positive attitude does wonders in team-based environments. We all have that one co-worker that is guaranteed to brighten our day when we see them in the office. This co-worker can make what may seem like a never-ending project a little less dreadful with their smile and quirky anecdotes. When your teammates associate you with having an optimistic demeanor, they want to be around you and don’t mind partnering on projects with you because they know it will be an overall pleasant experience. A potential boss could view you as a leader and influencer amongst your colleagues because they know that if you buy in to a new policy change or process, it will be easier to convince the rest of the team. A positive attitude leaves a lasting impression in life, besides, it’s your attitude that determines your altitude!   

Being Teachable

Yes, you may have 20+ years of experience in the field, but I can guarantee you that there is always someone that may know something you don’t. You can’t always do things the same way because that is how it’s “always been done.”  Being teachable shows that you are open to new concepts and ideas and that you can welcome innovation. There is an office veteran in every workplace that is set in their ways, it may take them significantly longer to complete a task because they “don’t like computers” or refuse to learn how to operate new applications. Don’t be that guy, you’d be surprised at what the office intern can show you. Remember, if you are the smartest person in a room, you may be in the wrong room.

Adaptability, positivity and being teachable are all valuable assets to have as an employee. They showcase that you are a team player and that you are flexible when it comes to embracing change. The next time you update your resume for a job opportunity, take into consideration which assets you embody that will benefit your next potential boss.

This article was written by Launa.
Launa is a writer/actress currently living in the DC area. She loves performing, traveling, trying new restaurants and mommy-daughter time with her baby girl. If you need talent or content for your project you can reach Launa at

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