Starting a New Job While Everyone is Working Remotely

It’s been a wild few months, and if you’ve been on the job hunt, it has definitely been interesting! If—by a happy turn of events—you’ve managed to get hired and are about to start a new job soon, there is a good chance you’ll start out working remotely. So, how do you dive in and get started? To be the new guy or gal at the office is always challenging, and with all that’s happening now—there might be some new hurdles you’ll need to consider. Here are a few tips to help make sure your first remote day ends up being a smashing success!

1. Look and Act Professional

Even though you are working from home, keeping the formalities that go along with being in an office environment is a good idea. Not only will it give your employer insight into how you will successfully operate once everyone is back in the office, but it will affirm that you are taking this new opportunity seriously.

2. Curate a Quiet and Uninterrupted Workspace

Depending on your circumstances, this may be relatively easy—or incredibly difficult. If it’s not so easy, a good idea is to schedule meetings during a time when there’s a relative amount of calm in your household. Of course, we’re all in a unique situation at present, with many doing the best they can while working from home—your employer will most likely understand that.

3. Proactively Interact with Colleagues and Management

You’re new, so make sure to introduce yourself so they know who you are!  Also, find out your new colleagues preferred form of communication; i.e. email, texting, video chat, etc. This is important for another reason, as having good communication helps you ascertain what it is that your employer expects of you. Make sure to develop a rapport so if you are ever unsure of what your responsibilities might be—you’re not intimidated to seek clarification. This is also a great way to seek out mentors within the company, which can be extraordinarily helpful.

4. Keep a Log

Make sure to keep track of what you accomplish each day. Then, keep it handy during meetings so you don’t draw a blank in case it’s been a few weeks since your last meeting. Also, it will prove handy when the time comes to ask for a raise, because you’ll have your work accomplishments all in one place.

5. Have a Good Attitude

The current job climate is—at best—weird, and—at worst—downright scary. While it’s important to acknowledge the challenges in such a time as this, it’s also important to take stock of the wins—and spread as much cheer as you can. Remember, you’re starting a new job at a time when many aren’t so lucky. The company that’s hiring you must be feeling the strain in some way, so spread some positive encouragement—at work, home, everywhere! Not only is this a wise business move, it will help everyone—whether they have a job or not—get through this together.

This article was written by Jennifer McDowell.

Jennifer McDowell is founder and Editor-at-Large of the website, where she interviews authors, artists and entrepreneurs. She enjoys coffee, swimming, and all things Jane Austen!

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