Busted! Lying on Your Resume is Likely to Cost You the Job

Man looking confused while in an interview.

You’re stuck in a job you hate. You’ve been applying to any and every job you’re qualified for, but are having little luck. Then, you see your dream job listed. The description sounds like it was written from your resume – except for one thing.

2-3 years Photoshop experience required. Well, you’ve used Photoshop to add a drop shadow before. And, you could always teach yourself if you land the job. So, 3 years of Photoshop experience makes its way onto your resume.

While lies like these may not seem like a big deal, half of hiring managers today say that a lie on a resume would be a deal breaker. Nearly all said they’d at the very least reconsider a candidate caught in a lie.

Think there’s no way they’d ever find out? Think again – 66% of hiring managers consistently perform background checks. Some go as far as checking out candidates’ social media platforms to see if the skills listed align with their online presence. And, 77% of recruiters and hiring managers said they spot lies on resumes on a regular basis.

In short – you’re more likely to get caught and lose out on a job than not. So, submit your honest resume and use your cover letter as a place to explain your skills and how they fit with the company’s needs. Who knows? The hiring manager could love you enough to let you grow into the position. After all, 89% of HR pros say they prefer to hire a responsible candidate that needs training. Then, you can check out our guide on what to do when you’re not qualified for your own job.

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