What to Remember for Your Next Interview

If you’ve gotten to the interview stage of the hiring process, you’ve won half the battle getting your foot in the door. Congratulations! Now it’s time to focus your attention to some seemingly simple actions that can mean all the difference in making a positive first impression with employers. Snap judgments are commonplace in life, but even more so in an interview setting. Here are 5 things you must remember when going on your next interview:

  1. Dress the Part
    As a rule of thumb, business attire is expected for an interview setting. While the job you’re applying for may influence your attire, more often than not you want to wear dress shoes, dress pants, and a suit jacket. Men will want to wear a collared, button down shirt and tie as well. If you’re ever in doubt, research appropriate interview attire on the web for inspiration.
  2. Your Resume
    Make sure to bring multiple copies of your resume. You may be told that you’re interviewing with Mr. Smith, but what happens when Mr. Smith’s boss wants to chat as well? You’ll want to have ample copies of your resume available for their review.
  3. Paper Quality
    While it is not absolutely necessary, consider printing copies of your resume on high quality cotton fiber paper. This touch adds a layer of professionalism to your first impression.
  4. Thank You Notes
    Make sure to get the name and email address for each interviewer you meet so that you can send a personalized thank you note afterward. The thank you note should be short, and touch on a particular topic you discussed — while reiterating your desire to apply your skills to the company in question. Be sure to email your thank you note within 24 to 48 hours for maximum value.
  5. Other Documents
    It’s a good idea to bring a list of references formatted on a separate sheet from your resume. While it may not always be requested, you can leave this list with your interviewer after you leave. Additionally, depending on the job you’re applying for, bringing a couple samples of your work, or special projects you’ve worked on, that relate to the position you’re targeting are a plus. It is a great talking point and shows you did your research on the position and how your skill set directly applies.

Now that you’re prepared for the interview and dressed for success, go sell yourself and land your next job!

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