How Confident Is This Lady? She Changed Her Name to “Sexy.”

It was on the news this week that a woman in Ohio changed her name to “Sexy.” Yes, you read that right. She says she did it because she never liked her given name and felt this name suited her better.

But all we can think about is how she will be perceived in a professional setting, especially when applying to a job? We already give the advice to candidates to have an appropriate email address, preferably one with their full name is best, but what if your name IS Sexy? How are you taken seriously when you have a not so serious name?

This is a common issue especially for young adults entering the working world. For example, a lot of times when kids are named Joseph or Edward they may be called Joey or Eddie amongst their families and friends, but they’ll go by Joe or Ed in a professional setting. So what happens when you change your name to a not so professional sounding name when you’re already a grownup?

The answer—we don’t know. Unfortunately there is a stigma that comes with a name. The only advice we can offer—be a qualified candidate and hopefully you’ll get called in for an interview.

For more on why this woman changed her name click here.

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