10 Cute Snow Dog Photos You Have To See — Vote For Your Favorite Snow Buddy!

Another snow storm has hit the Northeast which means us Nexxt employees are working from home. Instead of the usual suspects we see at the office each day, we’re sharing our workspaces with some very specials friends.

Vote for the cutest work buddy. Just leave their names in the comments below and please feel free to pass this along (because who doesn’t like to see cute puppies in the snow).

Maddy (Being photobombed by her brother, Joey)

2 dogs playing in the snow

Rambo (Getting ready to brave the storm)

  Rambo Coat

Penny (She’s just a puppy & still doesn’t know what to make of the snow)


Kirby (Stepping carefully into the yard)

Kirb in the snow

Leo (He’s made for the snow)


Max (Every dog likes a good stick, especially when it’s covered in snow)


Charlie (She’s careful not to get too much snow on herself)

Neila (Poses for a picture after catching snow balls)

Neila Snow

Scout (She’s hard to spot, so we made it a little easier, follow the arrow)

Scout 2

Twizzler (He stays warm thanks to his coat)

Twizzler 2

Bonus Baby–Shay sits next to the great snowman she aka Dad made

Shay Snow


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