Is Your Email Address Turning Off Employers?

Today’s topic focuses on something many job seekers fail to consider when applying for jobs.  That is how the email address listed on your resume can have a major impact on the likelihood that an employer or hiring manager considers you for an open position.  We have compiled a list of common errors we notice while evaluating candidates on our website through our free resume critiquing service:

  1. Many candidates incorporate a special hobby or interest in their email address.  Addresses like or may give insight into your personal interests, but they will come across as unprofessional to an employer. 
  2. Using a work email address is not advisable in your job search.  First off, many companies have strict spam filters that could result in you not receiving follow-up messages to your application.  Secondly, your current company may find out you’re applying for a job on company time which is a big no-no.
  3. Certain employers may judge you depending on the domain name you use in your email address.  Some IT folks would argue that there is a stigma/stereotype around having an AOL account that can negatively impact your first impression (  While this may not be fair, you have to adjust to the environment you’re in to give yourself the best opportunity.
  4. The word you wanted to include in your email address wasn’t available so you removed a couple letters as if it were a license plate to get the point across? Not a good idea.  Employers may assume your spelling skills are not up to par or that you lack professionalism

Employers are so inundated with applicants for positions that they will look for any reason to disqualify someone on the initial review.  Don’t let an inappropriate email address be the cause of your inability to land an interview.  As a rule of thumb, try to develop an email address that includes your first and last name or initials without the extra clutter.  You’ll be thankful you did!


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