10 Best Cities to Find a Job [Infographic]

Searching for a new job can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you are applying to positions you’re qualified, but don’t hear back. This is one of the most common complaints we hear from job candidates and we agree–that is hard.

But, what if maybe you were just searching for a job in a place that was saturated with so many job seekers? Don’t know if you are? Well here is a list of the top US cities to find a job. Some of these places have a 2:1 candidate to job ratio–which is nice to hear in our current job market.

The way this list is compiled is by comparing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to Nexxt’s data to share with you the easiest places to get hired, what positions employers need to fill, and what the competition in that area is looking for.

So without further ado, here are the best places to get hired nationwide.


  1. LMAO – Harrisburg?? you mean the city that’s all but bankrupt, rife with corrution, has virtually nothing to offer culturally, has pricey housing, and been in a tailspin for decades?? that one? LOL – oh yeah I want to move there.
    when I saw that it pretty much evaporated any chance there was of me reading any of this or taking it seriously. another example of “experts” who are totally clueless.

  2. If you look at the Dec 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics table for US metro areas with the lowest current unemployment levels, 2 cities in the Top 10 of the above article (Cheyenne & Manchester) tie for 58th place with 4.7% unemployment. These are the only “low” unemployment cities in the Top 10 of the above list. San Francisco & San Jose have probably the highest cost of living in the lower 48 states. Who writes these articles????? Get some competent authors that check their facts before they publish such inaccurate information. According the the official BLS table, there are at least 60 metro areas in the country with lower unemployment rates than most of the cities you list – those cities (in the BLS table) are where the jobs are.

  3. There are two obvious reasons why these type of headlines are meaningless. The first is that there is little said about the research method and criteria. It was touched on in the second paragraph but insufficient explanation was given for the reader to assess the criteria effectively.
    The second reason is that grouping every occupation together and coming to a conclusion as sweeping as the headline automatically means that skills and experience are transferable, which they are not. For example if I’m a plumber or carpenter it’s of no value to me to know that there is a shortage of registered nurses in Cheyenne and Jackson. For it to be meaningful it should be done be industry or even better occupation.

  4. Top industries that created jobs are Healthcare & Medical in all the top 10 cities. We really need to take more responsibility for our own health by eating right and moving more.

  5. Honestly, all of these job types look to be retail, nursing, and data entry. You’ll find those in any city anywhere. And as for trucking, seeing as that job has you all over the country, it doesn’t matter where you live. I could live in New Jersey and drive a truck out of Tennessee.

  6. Denver Colorado number 13? Give me a break, as it took me 6+ years to find work here and I met countless people that have had a very hard time finding work here. In addition, the employers suck here, as they do not give a crap about any employee, however that is happening all over the country.
    The people who write these articles are clueless and have no credibility with me anymore!
    Thinking about moving to Denver, with its unemployment of almost 8%, high cost of living (avg. home at $344k)and that is for a fixer upper, 1 bedroom apt. $875/mo. and traffic nightmares all day long! Too many people and not enough asphalt, so traffic jams that last hours, especially coming down from the mountains! Just lovely here anymore!

  7. Hi John, I agree with the other person. Since you have millions to spare, throw some into a great business opportunity, mine. You will be blessed with even more.

  8. Hi Brenda, We didn’t pull our data in such detail to find out the ratio of accounting jobs to potential accounting candidates in each of the cities we track, but we can tell you that the highest quantity of accounting jobs are located in the following places: New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, San Francisco, CA, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA, Phoenix, AZ, and Minneapolis, MN.

  9. These jobs are available anywhere…no “careers” here. Seriously, why would anyone want to move to San Jose for an administrative assistant job when the cost of living is enormous? Waste of my reading time.

  10. Run from california. Jobs suck and cost of living is stupid. Its as plastic as Hollywierd in the south, north has always been a mess. Hot mess describes Ca

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