4 Cover Letter Tips to Supplement Your Resume

While the bulk of candidates I speak with are looking for guidance with their resumes, some folks are looking for other ideas on how to effectively market themselves.  If you have been successful at crafting the perfect resume (or invested in having the perfect resume crafted for you), you may want to consider fine tuning another document that many employers ask for in your application – the cover letter.  Here are 4 simple tips to consider as you craft your cover letter:

  1. Unlike a resume, your cover letter should be personalized and written in a first person point of view.  While it is personalized, make sure the language and content is professional.
  2. Make sure to tailor your letter to the specific job posting using examples of special projects you’ve worked on, accomplishments you’ve achieved, and specific skills you’ve honed throughout your work history.  This will create talking points for a potential interview and promote you in conjunction to your resume.
  3. Create excitement about your interest in the position and clearly state why you will be a superb addition to the employer’s team.  Don’t waste your opportunity – this is your chance to show the decision maker your value.
  4. Finally, close out your letter with a desire to speak further in person or over the phone with the recruiter or hiring manager you are addressing.   This is a great way to transition from the application stage of the hiring process to the interview stage.

Done right, a personalized cover letter can be the difference maker in landing your next interview.  While we believe the resume is the most important aspect of a job search, it is always a good idea to have an attention-grabbing cover letter to support your application.


  1. Can you provide me with sample of a cover letter to a potential employer when there is no specific position advertised and I want to target the hidden job market.
    Thank you

  2. Can i have a sample of yoir cover letter with no specific job title so that i can make my own using yours as my guideline. Thnx

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