To Get Hired, Paint a Vision of What You Can Do for Them.

Here’s a secret.

Very few companies are actually very good at evaluating talent. They agonize over hiring decisions, eliminating most candidates early on and subjecting finalists to a barrage of interviews. How do you make it into consideration, and then actually get chosen?

Quite often job seekers think about their experience. They take a list of accomplishments from past jobs and bullet them out, and spend interviews talking about the same. The best process is to start with the job you want. What are they looking for? Who would their ideal candidate be?

Then evaluate whether you are that candidate. And, if so, tell them that story. Show them your experience solving the same challenges they need someone to solve, and how you would bring your experience to bear helping the company be successful.

Leave them with a vision of what you can do for them, not a vision of what you have done.

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