Tuesday Career Advice: Is It Time to Make a Career Change?

It can be intimidating to consider a career change, and many people have probably held on to their jobs or stayed in their fields longer than they would have in the past due to a tough job market.

However, with the jobs number improving each month (except last month because there wasn’t a jobs report) those looking to change careers are becoming more and more confident. Of course, it is important to carefully analyze whether it is your career, manager, company, responsibilities, or colleagues that have you thinking about making a change.

Here are seven reasons why you may want to change careers:

  1. Feeling Unappreciated
    Many employers underestimate the power of employee praise and recognition. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Nexxt, more than 54% of people searching for jobs said that they’d prefer to be recognized for their accomplishments than receive a raise. Money is definitely the main motivator for going to work; however, knowing that the work you’re doing is appreciated is important too. A big reason that many people change directions in their careers is because they want to feel like they’re making a difference.
  2. Poor Company Culture
    If your office environment exhibits poor communication, lack of teamwork, micro-management, and you feel like you don’t fit in, it could be time to consider a new career. The ability to feel comfortable in the environment you’ll be going to each day is key to employee satisfaction.
  3. Compensation
    While recognition from your manager is valued above receiving a raise (as mentioned above), it’s still important that you’re properly compensated for the work you do. If you’re unsure what you should be making, there are salary tools out there that can tell you what you’re really worth. If you’d like to figure out what your salary should be, Nexxt has a free salary tool that you may find helpful.
  4. Commute
    Most professionals want to live less than 25 miles from where they work. How close or far you live from work affects your level of satisfaction with your current job. Dealing with constant rush hour traffic and long commute times is often enough to make many people decide to consider leaving their current position.
  5. Boredom
    If your career no longer challenges or excites you and you find yourself dreading work every day — it’s time to make a change.
  6. Benefits
    Benefits are an important part of any job and we’re not just talking about healthcare. Benefits can be as big as company cars or as simple as complimentary coffee —  but if an employer fails to provide even the little things, it could drive employees away.
  7. Company Downsizing
    The company you work for is not doing well and may downsize in the near future, which puts your job in jeopardy. Time to turn the negative into a positive by exploring your interests and pursuing work that will make you happy and satisfied.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about changing career paths, please contact us at TheConfidentCareer@Nexxt.com or by leaving comments below.

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