How to Improve Your Job Search

Let’s face it: it’s hard to find a job in today’s job market. While it may seem useless to keep applying to jobs in vain, there is still hope. Employ these five strategies the next time you search for jobs to improve your chances of finding the perfect one for you.

  1. Receive job alerts via Email

Many job search sites have a feature where you can sign up for a job alert email list. This means they send you lists of jobs that are a good fit for you on a regular schedule. You can customize the type of job you want and input factors such as location and salary to improve the quality of jobs sent to you. These sites will send you a list of jobs that are fit for you once a day or however frequently you want. Furthermore, make sure to sign up for job alerts from multiple sites. This way, you can maximize the amount of jobs sent to you.

  1. Search for jobs on sites like Nexxt

While signing up for job alerts is helpful, it’s important to ensure that you are actively searching for jobs as well. If you want to be found by recruiters easily, you should create an account on a job search website, such as Nexxt. Nexxt uses state-of-the-art technology to match you with a job that perfectly matches your background, skills, and interests. Furthermore, it has an interactive desktop platform and Search API that allow companies to easily find top talent for their job openings. It also has sites for specific types of jobs. For example, there are certain sites based on the industry you want to work in, the location you want to work in, and sites that help marginalized groups. Nexxt also has many articles and blogs that give advice on finding jobs and getting hired. If you want to find a job quickly, Nexxt is the place to go.

  1. Update your resume

Your resume is often an employer’s first impression of you, so it’s important to make sure that your resume is updated and relevant. If it’s been a decade since you graduated, your AP tests scores from high school aren’t necessary to include anymore. If there are any recent gaps on your resume, make sure to provide a good explanation. Furthermore, you can create different versions of your resume for different jobs. For example, maybe you specialize in both marketing and computer science. Create one “catch-all” resume that includes your background, all of your job experiences, and all of your skills. If you are applying for a computer science job, create a version of your resume that centers around computer science. You can still add marketing in your skills and job experience, but keep the focus on computer science, as that’s the most relevant here. This way, the employer won’t be confused by any job experiences or skills that won’t help your application.

  1. Network

85% of jobs are filled through networking, according to a HubSpot survey. Furthermore, research has shown that 70% of people were hired by a company where they already had a connection. There will likely be many other people applying for the same jobs as you. A referral from an employee who already works at the company can boost your application. Anyone can be a connection: friends, past employers, alumni from your school, etc. Often, the most helpful connections are “weak ties”, or people whom you don’t know too well. These people may be alumni who graduated before you started at your school, or a friend of a friend. You likely won’t be in the same industry as this person and likely won’t know many of the same people. This means an opportunity to meet new people and find opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find within your circle, who often know many of the same people and work in similar fields.

  1. Improve your LinkedIn presence

Just like how updating your resume is important, improving your LinkedIn presence is important as well. Your LinkedIn is essentially your online resume. Other than job experience, skills, and background, you can also add a personal statement, publications, and awards. Furthermore, employers may reach out with job offers through LinkedIn.

You may feel like giving up in your job search. It makes sense; times are tough right now. However, it’s important not to give up. By signing up for job alerts, utilizing sites such as Nexxt, updating your resume, networking, and improving your LinkedIn presence, your job search experience will improve immensely.

Source: What Employers Can Expect from Job Seekers in 2024

This article was written by Hailey Jiang.
Hailey Jiang is a copywriter and poet living in Boston. She enjoys rowing, figure skating, and playing with her cats. You can find her on Instagram at

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