5 Attributes That Make You More Employable

Whether you’re just beginning your career or making a job change with decades of experience under your belt, it’s important to establish and develop the personal attributes that help you stand out as a valuable addition to any team. Here are 5 attributes that make a job seeker especially employable:

  1. Self-starter: Being a self-starter involves proactively seeking professional growth without explicit direction. This can manifest itself in many different ways such as volunteering for special projects, identifying areas for process improvement, forging relationships with mentors, or connecting with and learning from different teams within the company. Bringing this proactive energy to your role ensures your continued learning and development, and it also shows leadership in your organization that you take initiative.
  2. Adaptability: Things are bound to ebb and flow within any organization, bringing about changes in the workplace over time. This may result in a change to the team you work on, the projects you’re assigned to, or the processes and systems you use on a daily basis. Demonstrating the ability to adapt to these shifts is crucial for long-term success in a role, and it’s a valuable trait that can set you apart from others.
  3. Solution-oriented: While recognizing issues is important, actively seeking and proposing solutions alongside the problems is even more impactful. For example, if you detect errors in an automated report, attempt to find a suitable solution before presenting the issue to your team or supervisor. This solution-based approach demonstrates critical thinking and proactive problem-solving skills.
  4. Versatility: As a versatile employee, you manage diverse tasks, projects, relationships, and situations. This trait isn’t confined to a singular focus but encompasses involvement in multiple work domains. Even in roles inherently more specialized, seizing opportunities to display professional versatility adds value, underscoring your ability to handle varied responsibilities effectively.
  5. Team player: Being a team player is commonly emphasized, yet its significance cannot be overstated. While individual success is crucial, the ability to collaborate cohesively within a team is equally essential. Forging positive, productive relationships with the members of your team will optimize the way you work together, and it can also make your time spent at work more enjoyable! Striking a balance between independence and successful teamwork is pivotal in any professional setting.

During your next job search, identify and highlight your professional attributes that align with employer needs. Throughout applications and interviews, leverage specific examples that showcase these qualities. If there’s room for improvement, remember that growth begins by nurturing these attributes in your current role!

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