6 Skills That Catch an Employer’s Eye

So, you’re looking for a new position and decide to apply for one you think would be the perfect fit. But soon after applying you notice there are over 500+ applicants! You are probably wondering how you can make your resume stand out from the bunch. Skills are a big component when employers consider your application and lucky for you here are 6 skills employers typically look for when considering a new hire.

  1. Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills

Starting with one of the most important skills employers look for is strong written and oral communication skills. Communication surrounds our daily lives and unsurprisingly strong written and oral communication is a paramount skill that is sought out by employers because of how it influences and shapes the workplace every day. Being able to effectively communicate your message in a way that is clear and concise whether it be face-to-face or written; will improve your chances of success not only at work but also in your private life. Goodbye, awkward misunderstandings!

  1. Teamwork

Being a team player is something many employers seek in an employee. This is because team-driven projects are pretty commonplace in today’s professional world. Knowing how to collaborate with other members of a team is critical in effectively completing work projects. Even though teamwork is typically listed as a singular skill, it actually has multiple skills hidden within itself such as conflict management, coordination, and mediation. That is one of the reasons why teamwork is such a highly sought-after skill to employers due to its multi-functioning nature.

  1. Interpersonal Skills

Employers commonly seek out employees that can efficiently communicate with others around them whether they be a co-worker or clients. In order to do this, employees must have a competent level of interpersonal skills to best meet the needs of the social demands given to them. Being able to diffuse a situation or display empathy even in the most trying times at work is an admirable quality employers, co-workers, and even clients like to see in an employee. Having good interpersonal skills can turn a tense situation into a better one and a good situation into a greater one!

  1. Time Management

With the pace at which things move today during these exciting times, time management is a must for any resume. Effectively managing your time tells an employer that you can handle deadlines and that you make the most of your time at work. Being able to identify and prioritize more urgent tasks over other less important ones is a valued skill within the workplace especially when it comes to participating in a group project.

  1. Leadership Skills

Listing leadership skills on your resume is bound to catch the attention of employers due to how useful it is within the workplace. Having good leadership skills means you are capable of identifying problems before they can turn into costly mistakes along with having the ability to guide your colleagues in a way that is helpful and productive. At times, employees with leadership skills will assist in creating goals that keep everyone on track and motivated which in turn supports a healthy workplace. So really, what employer could resist this versatile skill?!

  1. Analytical Thinking/Problem Solving

Work can be unpredictable and sometimes challenges arise. That is why it is important to employers that their employees possess sharp problem-solving skills. Not only will this skill tell employers that you can work efficiently on your own with little supervision, but it also tells them that you are quick on your toes when it comes to handling and solving problems at work.

And that’s a wrap! Now you are in the know of how you can attract the attention of potential employers with these 6 powerful skills. If you possess any of these skills, be sure to feature them on your resume!

This article was written by Brittney Jackson.
Brittney Jackson is a Senior studying at Towson University. Outside of school and work, she has a strong passion for travel and gaming; being a collegiate Esports athlete for the past 3 years and counting.

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