How to Rediscover Your Happiness at Work

We’ve all been there. Stressed, overwhelmed and ready to quit. Whether it’s from working long hours, working in a fast-paced environment or in a chaotic one. Working under these circumstances can be draining. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the privilege of quitting their jobs whenever they get overwhelmed, so here are some things you can do in order to rediscover your happiness at work: 

  1. Use Your Free Time to Work on Your Hobbies

We all get free at some point, use that time to paint, draw, read, write, sew, etc. Whatever it is that brings you joy, always take time to do it. On days that I go to work or school, I usually paint at the end of the day, after getting home from work or school in order to de-stress.

2. Start the Day in a Positive Way

Whether it’s listening to positive affirmations, motivational speeches or relaxing music, it’s helpful to listen to uplifting things. I personally like listening to relaxing music and motivational speeches. I notice that on the days that I do this, I feel more motivated to get certain tasks done.

3. Exercise

Exercising causes your body to release endorphins (“happy chemicals”). The endorphins interact with your brain’s receptors, which triggers a positive feeling in your body. This helps you reduce stress and, therefore, feel happier.  So, try to get some exercise, you don’t even have to go to the gym, you can just do a home workout!

4. Let Go of the Need to be Perfect

I know it’s tempting to try to be the perfect employee, but a lot of times, it leads to unnecessary stress. It causes us to create a lot of unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We all mess up at one point or another, it’s important to be accepting of that. Try to give yourself credit for what you do right, it takes a lot of pressure off. 

5. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Try taking time out of your schedule to hang out with a friend or family member. Being with a loved one and having fun can take your mind off of your problems at work, like any pressure you’re feeling to meet a deadline. This, in turn, will improve your mental health.

6. Take the Day Off If Necessary 

Try to take a day off if you need it. Spend the day doing something relaxing, like staying in bed to read a new book you bought or going to the spa for a massage. Whatever it is, do something that’s just for you! By the time you get back to your job, you’ll feel more up to doing whatever work has to get done.

7. Express How You Feel

Whether it’s talking to a friend, family member or a therapist, it’s important to let someone know when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This way, you can feel heard and cared about. They can even give helpful advice that would make a difference in your situation. For those who don’t have a support system, you can look up a hotline online, so you can talk to someone through there. Even writing down how you feel in a journal can offer relief. 

8. Accept that Unfortunate Things Will Happen 

We all want our lives to go smoothly 24/7, but that’s not the reality. Work assignments pile up, deadlines creep up on us or we have a disagreement with a coworker. It’s important to expect these kinds of situations to happen at some point. This way, when they do happen, you won’t be as disappointed and may even be more equipped to deal with them.

9. Set Boundaries

It’s difficult to feel better when you’re constantly spreading yourself too thin. In addition to taking a day off, try to take on less work. For instance, politely tell your boss that you can’t take on any extra assignments at the moment, if need be. 

10. Go Out to Meet New People

Meeting new people can bring more excitement to your life. It’s especially important to meet new people and make friends when you don’t have the proper familial support or friends already. Whether it’s going to a bar, the park, the gym or even the library (remember to use your inside voice!), try to go out and talk to others. 

I know the idea of going out and talking to strangers can be intimidating for some, so you can resort to an alternative. Use a friendship app to connect with others, just remember to be cautious. Either way, meeting new people can help you to expand your social circle, which will aid in you feeling happier.

A lot of times, feeling happier at work, starts at home. Remember these tips whenever you begin to feel stressed!

This article was written by Ismenia Diego.

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  1. I like this advice. It was written very well. I plan to start doing some of the things that you advised us to do. Writing thoughts, reading my Bible, and exercising.

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