The Trickiest Interview Techniques You Should Learn

Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming job interview? Don’t be. While it can be nerve-wracking to think about it, you can leverage your success with preparation and practice.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to convince the hiring manager that your skills and experiences make you the perfect candidate. To do this, it takes more than a perfect resume and a simple yes or no answer.

Hiring managers go beyond what you write in your resume to ensure you are an excellent fit for the job. Aside from skills and previous experiences, they also look at your attitude and specific traits. Fortunately, you can present yourself in a way that highlights most of the qualities that hiring managers look for in a candidate.

You can hold the advantage in a job interview by following these simple steps.

Do Your Research

Research is key to a successful interview so find out everything that you can about the organization. Check their website, social media accounts, and existing advocacy programs if there are any. Get to know their mission and vision by heart. This is a fantastic way for you to identify your shared values and goals. A shared purpose is valuable information that you can insert during the interview where you see fit.

Any hiring manager would be impressed to know that a candidate took the time to learn more about the organization. In addition, someone who shares the same mission and vision as the company is more likely to stay with the organization longer. Most companies prefer to hire someone looking for a long-term job, which puts you in an advantageous position.

Familiarize Yourself with Common Questions

When we say familiarize yourself with the industry’s common interview questions, it does not mean to memorize the answers. In fact, we strongly advise against doing this. Acquainting yourself with notable questions is simply to avoid being caught off-guard by industry-specific topics. Knowing these questions gives you time to do further research on unfamiliar items.

Review your Resume

Your resume is critical as it serves as your key to that interview door. The Recruiter will check if you are qualified to go to the next step of the hiring process by reviewing your resume, which means a well-crafted resume is necessary.

To keep your resume effective, make sure it’s up-to-date, complete, and formatted appropriately. You can use a minimalist resume template to make it look clean and professional.

Follow Interview Dressing and Grooming Etiquette

First impressions don’t always last, but they can significantly affect the outcome of your job interview. This is when your prior research will come in handy. Find out details about the work atmosphere. Whether it is strictly formal or casual, try to dress as close to the dress code policy in the workplace as you can.

This is your chance to present yourself to your prospective employee. Make a great impression by suitably conducting yourself through your appearance. Look clean and pleasant. More importantly, pay attention to details like body language.

Keep your Answers Concise and Focused

When answering interview questions, get straight to the point. Avoid wordiness and beating around the bush. You can get your message across without using up all of your interview minutes by over-explaining.

To keep your answers complete and straightforward, try to use the STAR method. This is most effective during behavioral questions when asked about previous experiences. To keep yourself in check, answer in this order – the situation, the task, your action, and the result. You can research more on this so you can practice and perfect this technique.

Remember, the job interview is an opportunity to show your communication skills, so focus on nailing this part.

Ask Questions at the End

Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer may ask if you have questions. Choose your questions carefully.

Ask about training, upskilling, and growth opportunities. You can even ask about a typical day for the position. This will show that you are looking forward to working with them and that you aim to grow within the organization. This type of drive and determination can create a strong impression on hiring managers.

Thank the Interviewer  

Lastly, it’s always a great idea to thank your interviewers. They set aside time to interview you, so it is polite to show appreciation. A simple thank you may sound small, but remember that common courtesy can go a long way, especially during the hiring process.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule to perfecting a job interview, as many factors can influence the outcome. However, you can make it work to your advantage by employing many of the interview techniques mentioned above.

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