How to Determine if an Employer Supports Working Parents

Parenting is a full-time job and the additional stress of an employer that isn’t understanding doesn’t make it easier. If you are a working parent, on the job hunt, expecting or planning to have kids check out some of these tips on how to determine if an employer supports working parents.

Do Your Research!

Before you even apply to the position check out the company’s website.  What are their core values? Do they mention anything about family? Do they give off the impression that they support their employees with families? If you really want to get the scoop, you can go to work place review websites and see what former employees have said about their experiences. Keep in mind that sometimes these reviews can be biased.

Ask to See A Benefits Package

This is very important if you are in the talks with a potential employer. Benefits such as PTO, Sick Days and paid holidays allow you to accomplish things outside of work and spend time with family without taking a hit to your salary.  A good benefits package can sometimes usurp a higher salary and be a determining factor if you’re trying to decide between potential employers.  Be upfront about your needs.  Do they offer maternity or paternity leave? If you’re expecting or planning on having children, maternity and paternity benefits can provide ease of mind while you’re taking the much-needed time off of work to bond with your child, heal from childbirth, or be the primary care-taker for your partner.

Is the Schedule Flexible?

Let’s face it, kids get sick, have appointments, games, rehearsals, and all sorts of things that may require you to take some time off of work. Is your employer supportive of you taking time off to handle your family duties? Do they give you a hard time? This is a key indicator of whether or not your employer supports working families. Depending on what you do, you may be able to negotiate opportunities to work from home. COVID-19 proved that jobs can still be done without employees physically being in the office and people are finding that they can be just as productive working from home, working a flexible schedule. It also provides an opportunity to achieve a work life balance.  Even working a hybrid schedule (a schedule where you work some days in office and some days at home), you may find yourself maximizing your time in office being even more productive than you would be if you were working all week.  Who doesn’t want to attend a zoom meeting dressed business professional on top, pajama pants on bottom?

Working for an employer that understands the lifestyle of a working parent can be beneficial and alleviates a lot of potential stress. You don’t have to stress about potentially losing your job for missing time in the office as a result of your children’s appointments, and you don’t feel guilty for asking for well-deserved time for off family vacations. You’re able to maintain a work- life balance and you can keep everyone happy.  For all of the working parents out there, next time you are in the market for a new job, keep these tips in mind and see if it can help you land the job of your dreams.

This article was written by Launa.
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