Top 10 US Cities to Find a Job & Make a Hire – Q1 2014

We all hear that big cities like New York have the most jobs and job seekers but when you do the math that’s just not the case. Here are the real best places to find a job and get hired in the United States.


  1. The numbers with the arrows in either orange or blue represent how many spots that particular city moved on the list since last quarter. If it didn’t move it has a gray double arrow.

  2. Even for temp & entry-level jobs, you need a degree, recent exp, and advanced office skills, and experience with proprietary software used only in specialized fields (SAP, etc).

  3. This survey or data is not true at all. I am an LPN based in New Haven, CT and it’s over a year now that I haven’t found a job as an LPN here. They are looking for RN’s here—but experienced RN’s.

  4. To the LPN in New Haven… New Haven is one of the top metros to hire people in. Meaning there is a surplus of qualified candidates. The blue list are the areas that there is going to be the most competition.

  5. The opportunities might be there but I am at an age where unless I keep my hair died, I know I won’t get eye to eye contact during an interview as opposed “eying me up and down” I live on the West Coast but I assume age discrimination plays a part across the country.

  6. This e-mail is misleading. In Greensboro,it is a good place to make a hire, but a terrible place to find a job. The people here are either retired or college students. Greensboro was once the king of textiles. The entire area was built on textiles, tobacco, and furniture. These industries are no longer viable today. Even support companies are flying out of here. Things will improve but it will take much time.

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