One Place You Shouldn’t Post Your Resume

Let’s all be positive as we take 2014 by the horns and make those resolutions to improve ourselves and further our careers.

One of the things we often see on the blog and on our Facebook page (shameless plug) are users that post their full resumes with their contact information in our comments sections.

I don’t know if it’s a sign that we’re all so trusting with our personal info or if it’s that we’ve run out of options when it comes to finding a job, but we can’t stress it enough that posting your FULL contact information out there is just not a good idea. It’s appropriate to post your resume and contact information on sites like when you’re searching for a job, but shouting it from the rooftops aka posting it in the comments sections of blogs for all to see is not a smart move.

Also, if a recruiter happens to stumble upon your comment with your full resume–what will they think about it? Will they be impressed by your brilliant marketing skills or will they simply pass you by? Want to actually impress them? Create a great resume and use it to create a smart Career Portfolio—for instance, here’s mine.


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