Single Mom Success Story

Sometimes “must do” comes before “can do.” When Misty Honnold’s husband of thirteen years left her in 1998, the mother of four found herself with the sole responsibility for supporting her family. Yet, it had been ten years since she worked outside the home.

“At first you’re in trauma,” explains Misty. “You’re on auto-pilot, you’re hit by a train, you’re in ICU and you know you have to take care of your kids, but you don’t know how or what to do for them,” as she recounts experiences from that time in their lives.

Misty knew she needed to get a job, but she also knew it could not be a stressful one.

So she started small, finding work cleaning houses. She cleaned the church she attended and worked part-time at a fast-food chain. She also enlisted the help of a counselor.

Five years later, after regaining her footing, Misty decided she and her children would relocate from Lexington, Kentucky, to Kansas City, Missouri. She had learned of a faith-based organization headquartered there that offered a lifestyle she wanted for her family.

“I needed to live my life so my kids could prosper: emotionally, socially, spiritually — and not be the norm of a single mom family,” she explains.

The Kansas City-based, international church soon became a hub for them. Her kids were deeply involved in children’s ministry, and in an effort to remain close to them, she would often join in the activities. Eventually it led to a paid position on the church staff in a leadership role with children’s ministry.

In 2006, in response to encouragement from church members, Misty started a support group devoted to single mothers. She called it simply, “MOM.” It stood for “mountain of myrrh,” a phrase from the Bible that had special meaning for her.

Three years later, the small group developed into a non-profit organization that Misty remains the Founder and Executive Director for today. Though it’s still known as MOM, they do business under the name Single Mom KC.

Misty explains revenue for the organization comes from individual donations. And although it operates on a “nickel and dime budget,” her plans are to learn grant writing to help with future funding efforts.

For Misty, her organization has become a passion as close to her heart as her own children. The non-profit has grown to partner with other faith-based groups, celebrating and offering support for single mothers everywhere.

“A businessman once told me everyone has a place of pain in their life. Find that pain and create a way to fill the void,” she explains.

What started as an immense, personal challenge has led Misty to find professional success she never expected. Her career confidence was born from necessity, growing from personal passion into a means to support her family—and others, in more ways than one.


  1. That was a wonderful and encouraging story. God is good and when you do things in your live in His name you will never fail. Thank you very much for sharing this story.

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