How Confident Is this Guy?

So it was revealed that the sign language Interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service

wasn’t signing at all (‘Bogus’ interpreter made mockery of Barack Obama’s tribute in Soweto), he was just making gestures (mainly about rocking horses)–while we’re not sure how he made it to the international stage as a “sign language interpreter” this guy has to be the epitome of confidence.

I can only imagine that at one point he put Sign Language as a skill on his resume because it sounded good, even if it was not true, thinking, “I’ll never have to use this.” and next thing he knows he’s standing next to world leaders on television “signing”.  What must have been going through his head?–besides angels.

So while we agree what happened was bad–what can we learn from this?

NEVER lie on your resume! Can’t stress this enough. Regardless of how confident you are that you can pull it off–faking it til you make it will almost always turn into faking it until you’re deemed a faker.


  1. What did we expect, we have or own who sells us out over here all the time, so why do people think it would be different over there. #thinkaboutit

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