Green Flags: The Signs You’re Going to Receive a Job Offer

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, so once you click the “end call” button or shake hands and walk out the door, for a moment, you feel like the worst is over. However, the next few weeks can be just as anxiety-inducing, as you wait to hear back if you’ve secured the position.

We’re often trained to look for red flags in the interview process, like too-quick calls or unanswered email follow-ups. But, there are also green flags to keep an eye out for in the hiring process. These green flags tell us that we’re doing something right and can help us identify what methods are working and can help us chart our personal progress in a job search.

Job loss ranks as one of the top five most stressful life events, so as you search for a new position, especially if you’re currently unemployed, it can be tough to look out for these possible positive signs. And while these might not be guarantees that you’ll get the offer, they’re great indicators that you interviewed well and might be an excellent fit for the role:

  1. Your Interview Filled the Entire Time Allotted

Sometimes, you walk out of an interview and realize the back-and-forth was so good that you lost track of time. If you end up chatting for the entire 30 minutes or hour time frame, that’s a green flag. It likely means that the interviewer was interested in your background and previous work and wants to know more.

  1. You Receive a Follow Up Response to Your Thank-You Email

After you send your thank-you email, if you receive an acknowledgment from your interviewer within a few days, that’s a great sign. It means they care enough about your candidacy to take the time to respond to you, instead of just letting your email sit. If you receive a response to your thank-you within the same day or 24 hours, that’s an even more solid indicator that the employer wants to keep you on the line and wants you to feel valued.

  1. You Get Introduced to the Team

Whether it’s right after the interview in the office or scheduled for a later zoom, if an interviewer offers to introduce you to the people you’d be working with at the company, it’s likely they see you as a good fit. Most employers won’t waste time introducing a potential hire if they don’t plan to offer them the job. 

  1. The Interviewer Asks You Specific Questions After the Interview

This one is pretty straightforward, but if an employer reaches out to you after the interview is complete to ask about your availability or your desired salary before they’ve offered you the position, it’s extremely likely that they are sourcing this information for a job offer letter.

As you’re interviewing, be mindful of these green flags and even if they don’t lead to a job offer, note that you’re heading in the right direction. Especially if you’re juggling a few different interviews and are entrenched in the job search, these green flags can help you pick out what elements are effective for you as a candidate.

This article was written by Rachel Ludwig.
Rachel Ludwig is an editor and writer based in Brooklyn. Samples of her work can be found at  

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