The Secrets For A Successful Transition From Military Life To Civilian Life

Living in the military means learning how to be prepared. Preparation is critical for all aspects of the armed forces — from packing gear to being vigilant on the battlefield. However, not as many servicemen or women understand that preparation is necessary for their time after their tours end, as well. For too many veterans, re-adjusting to civilian life is something they’re simply not ready to do. They may have difficulty reconnecting with family and friends, getting back into the job market, or coping with the stress and trauma they experienced. This is why it’s important for anyone serving in the military to be ready for the day when he or she will have to transition back into the civilian world.

One of the best ways to ease into their lives at home is to stick to a routine, for example. Without the strict scheduling of their lives on duty, many returning veterans have a hard time with their newfound freedom. Another valuable tip is to find other veterans in the area who are willing to share their experiences and lend support. The men and women of the armed forces may be ready for anything they could encounter in combat, but they might not be equipped for what comes next. For more tips about making the switch from service to civilian life, see the accompanying guide.

This infographic was created by Veteran Car Donations
Jeremy Silverstein is Vice President of Operations and Vehicle Dispatching at Veteran Car Donations. During the years he’s been with the organization, he has become quite an expert in the industry and has handled tens of thousands of donated vehicles.   


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