Top 10 Places Where Job Openings Are Booming

Every quarter we analyze a bunch of data to figure out the top 50 metro areas in the US with the most job postings. There are the regulars each quarter like San Jose, CA where Silicon Valley is located and then there are some surprises that pop up. This quarter, we have a new one that made the top ten…Fairbanks, AK. So if you’re interested in moving to the land of the midnight sun, now might be as good as chance as any. Here are the top places in the United States where jobs are booming.

50 places to find a job and easiest places to make a hire

This employment data report analyzes the top cities where you can get hired and recruit candidates compared with Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Civilian Labor Numbers for the same time period.  We’ve also examined job posting data in relation to where the candidates are to show what types of jobs employers are recruiting for and what types of jobs candidates are searching for.


  1. Thank you for the geographic information related to job hirings. Job searching has changed radically since I last looked for a job (2011, and before that in 2004). It seems that recruiters don’t, maybe they never did, seem to have the job seeker’s best interests in mind. I find this more than surprising, but I have had three or four recruiters that really can’t even distinguish the acronyms on my resume. Granted, information technology can be a confusing industry, however, I’m beginning to think I’d be a better IT recruiter than to continue to work in my area of expertise in technology. At least I know the difference between LINUX & Microsoft server administrator position on a resume when I see it. (Sorry, my cynicism is showing.) I understand that the employers typically pay the bill, but if the recruiter can’t make a feasible match, they don’t get paid. I’ll let it go at that and get back into the hunt.

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