How Dressing Up for Halloween Can Actually Help You in Your Career

While dressing up for Halloween might seem unprofessional, it might actually help propel you forward in your career. Sounds crazy? Or makes perfect sense.

When employers make hires they not only need someone that can perform the duty of the job, they also want someone that has a good personality. In fact, that is one of the top soft skills HR Pros seek when making a hire according to a recent survey by Nexxt. And being a good sport when it comes to the company Halloween party as well as volunteering for team building, or leading a project are all qualities that make a great employee.

So as you search for your next opportunity—whether it’s with a new organization or a promotion with your current company—remember to be a good sport, it could be just the thing that sets you apart from the competition.

Here are all all the good sports here at Nexxt. Happy Halloween!

K2 & Mike O Mariachi Band

Nexxt’s very own Mariachi Band

Mark, Jen, Tess, & Josh Circus SideshowWe also have our own Side Show

Marketing We Love the 90sOur Marketing Team loves the 90s

Richard ZombieOne of our Software Engineers is sadly now a Zombie
(This picture was taken in our lobby that has been transformed into a spooky cemetery)

Ronette, Steph B, Diane, Valencia, BrianMembers of our Customer Service, HR, & Finance Team
are getting into the holiday spirit

Tech Team Pool Balls

And our IT Team is pool balls

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