6 Job Seeking Tips for the Recent College Graduate

Many college seniors are in the midst of final exams this week and may be thinking their hard work is coming to an end.  Unfortunately, with the celebration of graduation comes the reality that a job search has begun.  Transitioning from school to the workforce can be very difficult if you’re not prepared.  Here are some tips and strategies to help make this transition a bit easier:

  • Prepare Your Resume:  Start with a brief objective statement that touches on any experience, coursework, or attributes you possess that lend itself to the type of job or industry that you are targeting.  Have a detailed section dedicated to your education follow your objective before listing any work experience.  As a new graduate, your resume should be no more than one page.
  • Collect Letters of Recommendation:  Whether you end up needing them for job applications or not, now is a great time to collect letters of recommendation from professors, coaches, or club sponsors.  You never know when the right recommendation will help boost your chances of landing the job over other qualified graduates.
  • Utilize Your Alumni Network:  Your alumni association is a great resource for not only generating job leads, but also learning about jobs and industries you may be interested in.  Use LinkedIn or your career counselors to reach out to willing Alumni and always make sure you send thank you notes to anyone you speak to.
  • Use Your Career Center:  Most schools have career centers that will provide resume assistance, mock interview practice, and general job search advice to their graduates.  Take advantage of this helpful resource that is available to you.
  • Reach Out to Family and Friends:  Much like your alumni network, family and friends are a great resource for helping you in your job search.  While applying for jobs online is a great place to start seeking employment, learning to network with your social circle can lead to even more opportunities that may not be posted online.
  • Attend Career Fairs and Networking Events:  Make sure to print multiple copies of your resume and dress in interview attire when attending a career fair.  Collect cards from the representatives of companies you meet so that you can send a follow up email after the event.  This is just another piece of your job seeking repertoire that can ultimately help you land your first job out of school.

Now that you have a plan of action, you’re ready to get started!  You may have friends with jobs already lined up or grad school in their crosshairs, but it is never too late to lay the groundwork for a successful transition into the workforce.  We wish you the best of luck as you embark on your career.

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