The Flappy Bird Creator is Doing You a Favor!

Flappy Birds (451x800)If you are one of those rare souls who hasn’t heard yet, Flappy Bird has been pulled from the Apple and Android stores by its creator. (If you don’t know what Flappy Bird is, congratulations!) The Internet is abuzz with aghast users who want to know why, and whether they can still play.

For those who haven’t gotten to play yet, you can buy an Iphone with Flappy Bird already installed on Ebay for as little as $1,400, a $900 premium over an Iphone without Flappy Bird. If you already installed it, you are in luck–you can play to your heart’s content.

I’d suggest, however, that instead of playing it, you deinstall it. Or sell your phone on Ebay. Reality is, these simple little games sap up our valuable time. Sure, the game only takes ten seconds to play. But who plays once? Ten seconds turns to ten minutes. Which turns into half an hour, an hour, even more.

So get rid of it. If it’s there, it will tempt you. Remove the temptation. Instead, when you find yourself with ten free minutes, reread your resume and try to make ONE improvement. Or Google a company you want to work for and learn three things they are doing. Playing Flappy Bird won’t help you get ahead, unless you want to work as a game developer.

Of course, there will always be a Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, DrawSomething, Angry Birds, Mr. Aahh!, Run!, Fragger, Flick Football. . . I speak from experience. These games are fun, and can be a great diversion. But if you have a goal or need to do something, best not to let them get in your way.

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