To Get Hired, You Need to Be Good at. . . Getting Hired.

Nexxt completes over 10,000 resume critiques every day. Our career advocates talk to thousands of job seekers a month. Our free resume critiques help many people improve their resume, and we offer a paid resume writing service for those who want to work with an expert to hone their resume. In the process of helping these people advance their careers, we’ve learned a lot:

  • Most people’s resumes are simply not good enough. We see far too many resumes with structural issues, inconsistencies, and even grammatical mistakes.
  • Many people rely heavily on online job application, and therefore are depending upon their resume to get them noticed and selected. In a recent Nexxt survey, over 60% of job seekers applied to jobs EVERY week.
  • A well-written, focused resume can get results for candidates, especially those with in-demand skills and experience. We receive emails like this one weekly: “Within one week of placing my resume on the Internet, I not only got multiple interviews, I ultimately accepted a job offer!”

Many job seekers believe that if they accurately describe their skills and experience on a resume, they will be considered for a job. The reality? Only a small number of candidates will be seriously considered. To be one of those candidates, you must stand out from everyone else applying.

Simply put, to get hired you need to be good at getting hired. The Undercover Recruiter wrote an article on “7 reasons employers will hire you.” Reason number 1? A great resume.

Online job search on sites like Nexxt can and does work. We hear success stories from our members every day. But it requires work. Applying to jobs today is deceptively easy. Make sure every application has a chance by first spending the time researching the jobs you want–learn about the companies that are hiring, and the hot topics and trends in the industry. Then, hone your resume to reflect relevant experience, and customize it to each opportunity before applying.

Applying for jobs online can be a numbers game–the more jobs you apply to, the better your chances. But, job seekers who stack the odds in their favor are consistent contenders who are more likely to receive consideration, interviews, and offers.

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